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We have built a digital POSTER wall that people can access anywhere. We are not looking to replace traditional event posters, which will always have a charm and place across a billboard, a wall of a disused building or toilet wall. Instead our platform and mobile application offers a visual impression of your event though the celebration of your POSTER artwork, giving users further event details, saving of events, event reminders though notifications and importantly ticket links to your own ticket sales URL.

When users are looking online for events they do not have to spend hours searching through a variety of event listing websites. We strive to show users everything and exactly what they want to see in a clean instinctive and beautiful presentation. Unlike popular social media platforms our users are not manipulated to see events which we guess they may be interested in, they are not limited to events that have a large marketing budget or events only their friends like. On our platform your events are promoted as intended, simply through the artwork of its POSTER to everyone living in or visiting the local area.

Our purpose is to make events easier to find. POSTER works to eliminate difficult search algorithms that force promoters to limit the visibility of their event through keyword search terms. We aim to significantly decrease advertising costs by providing a free platform where promoters do not have to pay to get their event viewed by the platforms users. POSTER doesn’t underestimate its users by only showing them events we assume they would like based on what they view. We show our users all of the events happening in their city using the artwork designed specifically to represent them.

With an early launch in Birmingham(UK) in June 2018, we then have a roadmap to include other UK cities shortly after, before moving into Europe and beyond.

We have a dedicated website system for managing your events, aswell as the ability from inside the app itself. What ever works for you.
To begin using our platform and upload your first poster, either download the IOS/Android app and create an account, or visit our web access portal.
You can also check to see if we have your poster and submit changes our platform here.

If you would like to get in touch over anything else please fill in the form below, and we will be happy to help you.

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