What is POSTER?

POSTER shows events happening near you, right now and in the future. Bringing promoters, ticket sellers and venues together on a quick to access, real time digital poster board, POSTER lets you see at a glance new and exciting experiences alongside your regular favourites. With every event fairly listed in date order or on your local map, we make no assumptions on what you want to see, we show you everything.

POSTER Features

  • View POSTER Boards unique to your location
  • Alternative event listings on POSTER scroll
  • Find events on our interactive map 
  • Full POSTER artwork preview
  • POSTER pinch and zoom
  • Find out more with our detailed event descriptions
  • Filter and Search listings with our simple categories
  • Save Posters for offline view
  • Get notified on upcoming events
  • Easily purchase tickets with in-app links to ticket sellers
  • See live events happening right now

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